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Grinning Ear To Ear

Every time my husband finds me in the kitchen, he’s grinning ear to ear. Wanna know why? Well, first of, here are the reasons why I don’t like cooking…

1. I don’t have the patience, I hate this mis-en-plus thing.
2. I’m not so good in cooking hehehe!

And whenever he finds me there, it’s like a miracle hahaha!

On Friday, I went to the kitchen before him. He was wondering coz we were out to pick up some more of our things from the old house. So, expected that I won’t even try to get involved in the kitchen. I have excuses. Enough excuses like Deye is awake or I have other chores to do. Then I explained him why hahaha!

1. It’s time to change. *wink*
2. I’m into this blogging thing and created a separate page for all the recipes that he taught me. Of course, I am including mine now.

To my surprise, he had told his friend who came over for lunch right away. His friend came to me asking, “ate what is your blog link”? Hahaha! Confronted my husband and told him “you are far better than CNN”.

Oh well, he was just happy to know that I am now trying to learn….

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