Frizzy and curly hair problems? Well, my daughters and I got that! We were born with natural curly and wavy hair. And that’s what makes us unhappy at times haha! It’s not that having curly hair is something that we cannot stand but you know when it gets unmanageable as if you’ve been through hell haha!

Guess we are lucky that hair rebonding is now common and really made a difference through the years, but then, I know that it is not something that kids at early age should undergo.

Occasionally, I give in in straightening their hair by using a hair iron. It’s tiring though as it needs strength to get it done properly.  Until I saw the newest release in the market – a hairbrush straightener for only Php400. Hmmmm… well, it’s a Class A product of China but you won’t be using it daily anyway so it’s still a good steal! It can flip, curve and give volume to your hair, just like how I did my daughter’s.



It works like a hairdryer with a brush head on its end, and an on/off switch. It is best advised to heat it up for 5 minutes first before use.


It is made of a cool touch bristle design with creamic tourmaline coated barrel. It quickly heats up, too! The best part is that even if you touch the outer part, it doesn’t burn your skin compared to when touching a heated up hair iron. It has two temperature setting but I still have not tried the medium heat. I always go for the max.


In my daughter’s case, I had to give her hair generous brush strokes. Sabi nga nila tiis ganda haha! It still does magic! See the difference it made! It straightened up, with volume and flips.

12083855_10154251804394307_1128629952_n (1)

Not bad eh?

perruque afro

Above photos shows the back of the brush that helps in giving volume.

Just another good find from Vanity InStyle. if you wish to try and order, please shoot her a message. The owner’s name is Alma and my batchmate in high school so don’t you worry, she is a legit online seller.

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