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Hairy – Is It a + or -?

I’m talking about females here. Hey! It’s not what you think, I meant hair on legs and arms heehee! There are females who were born hairy. Some like it, some do not. Well, I do…

During my first 2 years in Bahrain, I shared a room with a fellow Filipina. I noticed that razors are included in her monthly budget. But she’s not that hairy, so why bother? She does shave her legs everyday, as in everyday. She would do it slowly to make sure that there’s no little fine hair left on her legs.

I asked her wondrously one day “Why do you do that when you don’t have much?”

“My boyfriend doesn’t like it”, she said.

She was talking about her Arab boyfriend by the way.

“But I don’t even see it, if you shave it everyday, they’ll grow more”, I explained.

“Yeah but Arabs don’t like it”, she commented.

“Oh?” I said….

Until I learned from another friend that she was telling the truth. I thought her boyfriend was meticulous. No he’s not. They just simply don’t like it! This friend of mine said that her colleague had a laser hair removal because her husband asked her to do so. At that time, I was not much aware about this, until recently when I remembered and Googled for laser hair removal Albany NY. She mentioned before that her colleague had this procedure done in Albany, NY, that’s why I searched for that particular place. Hmmm, it says that this procedure removes hair permanently…. Another hmmmmm…. LOL!

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