Yay! I did it again! These are the winning costumes that my girls and Joshua, my househelper’s son wore yesterday at the Village’s Halloween Party:


Yes, I did the make-up and dressing up all by myself. I think I’m getting better and better each year haha!

For my little girl, under Fantasy Category (1-5 years old), she placed 2nd for this costume. She wore the gown that my eldest worn on my sister-in-law’s wedding in General Santos 4 years ago. 


Too bad I was not able to take photos of her accessories in details, when worn.


Next is Joshua, who placed 1st under Scary Category (11-17 years old). I saw these fake wounds at SM City Olongapo the other day and thought that it’s just perfect for him! So I took my old and used make-ups out and played with it by dabbing dark eye-shadows mostly in purple, black and brown shades. The fake wounds and blood drops made it more realistic afterwards.


Did you notice more blood drops on the middle photo? I love how it naturally looked like. The trick was to pour big drops on the head/face and let it drop on its own. Tada!

Last but not the least, my Grand Winner under Anime Category (6-10 years old). Good thing that her schoolmate, Naya, let us borrowed her Anime costume. I didn’t have to worry much about it and just bought blue ribbons as hair accessories to match with the outfit. Googled some anime make-up tips and there you go! She nailed it!


The kids received cash prizes and goodies, enough to make them smile. Happy kids!

Mitch Carvalho

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