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Halloween Costumes

I am a hands on mom when it comes to my girls’ personal stuff. Even the things that we bring during travels, may it be short or long trips, I prepare them myself. I don’t give it on nanny’s hands. That is including the junk foods that they can eat and the costumes that they wear on parties like Halloween. But of course, I always ask my eldest, since she can already decide what she really wants for her costume. This time she wanted to be something else, and not the typical scary look. So when I saw this Minnie Mouse dress, I just knew she would love it and I was right.

Minnie Mouse

To make it look like Minnie Mouse, I’ve drawn a round black mark on the tip of her nose using my eyeliner. Tada! Now a living Minnie Mouse!

Of course, we won’t let Ishi go with us without a costume of her own, so my mom looked for something that would fit her size perfectly.


And I called her Devilittle that day. She caught too many attention while we were waiting at the Lighthouse, Subic Bay, that some people had asked me if they could take her pictures. Left photo came out nice when in fact she didn’t wanna get up and about to throw tantrums as she was after the metal hose displayed at the lobby with the angry birds.

Now it’s time to brag my girls’ photo together, in their costumes.

The girls in costume

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