Handmade rosette clips

Since I have two girls, I thought that adding hair trinkets in M&G Collectione is a good idea. Walang lugi. It will always be a win-win profit for me. If not sold, my girls can use them. I immediately asked a blogger friend, Cecile aka C5. She is also a mom like me who loves recycling and into arts and crafts, if she can make some for me. The first time we met in person, she showed us a short tutorial on how to make a rosette out of ribbon.  Sure, I can do the same if I’d take it seriously but where in the world I’d get time to do that. To make the story short, we agreed that she’d make some for me, and I will sell it. That way, we are both helping each other and make money at the same time.

Rosette clips

Today, I received 12 pairs of C5’s Rosette Clips. Beautifully hand made!

{A closer look}

Now I am ready to sell them in M&G Collectione Online Store. Oh by the way, there was a small note in the pouch:

More photos here.

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  1. uy ganda, handmade and also the quality of the ribbon used d nakakahinayang bilin.. good luck sa new business venture nyo ni sis C5 🙂


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