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Happy 10th Year Anniversary, Mahal!

first pic togetherToday marks our 10th year anniversary. Though I know he doesn’t remember the date (as always) but he gave me the right to remind him whenever/if ever he forgets. LOL!

December 11, 1999, t’was the day when we became sweethearts “officially“. It wasn’t an easy love journey though but glad we made it. Exchanged our vows without having anyone else’s heart harmed. We proved the “critics” wrong that culture difference is always a problem and that whatever we have/had is/was a serious matter.

Seriously, what we had gone through wasn’t easy. But I believe that helped us conquered all. Whatever happened in the past, in fact, made our relationship more stronger. I’m so happy and blessed that I married the right person. No regrets. No more doubts. No more worries. I’m one happy contented wife and a mother of two (soon).

Happy 10th year anniversary, Mahal! Gift ko? 😉

Trivia : The photo shown here was our very first picture together taken 10 years ago, just few days after I entrusted my “heart” to him. Heehee!

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