Happy Father’s Day, Dada!

So it’s Father’s Day once again… This year is my dear hubby’s 2nd Father’s Day. No celebration and special dinner to be served later in the evening (as usual) as we both have to be at work, just like an ordinary day for us. But I hope I made his day with this greeting….

Couldn’t think of anything to give him. It’s closed to payday. No greeting card bought from the bookshop. So, I just thought of writing something on the (bathroom) mirror. I woke him up (pretending to be in a bad mood), and not talking to him at all. Drama! *wink* Waited for him to go for a bath so that he’ll find the message hehehe! He closed the door. Waited for few seconds. And opened it again. He found it. And smiled at me… And then…..

Oh by the way, it was my lipstick bwehehehe!

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  1. ahah! thanks for this post.. father’s day pala sa pinas today ang i forgot to greet my father! hummmm!

    happy father’s day to your hubs, mitch!


  2. wow sweet naman. 🙂 ako nga balak kong batiin c pangga sa gabi. d nya kasi alam na father’s day ngayon kaya deadma sya kaninang umaga. e nagtext yung frend namin sa knya at binati sya ayun tinawagan ako at sinabi bakit di ko raw sya binabati e father’s day pala ngayon. wala na tuloy surprise hehehehe. hapi father’s day sa iyong hubby!


  3. mitch, sayang ang liptisk ah. buti at hindi nagalit si hubby, dinumihan mo ang mirror ng banyo. hehe, joke.

    that was a very sweet message for hubby. i’m sure he’s happy to wake up reading that. happy happy father’s day to your dear hubs. 🙂


  4. @ Feng : Balak ko ngang isulat dapat : Wipe it off when you’re done reading hehe kaso baka batukan ako. Kaso ako ang nagtanggal hehe!


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