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A week later of being under medication, I would say that I felt a lot better and the bleeding had slowly become lighter. Another week later, it completely stopped and just waiting for my period to come for this month. Hopefully, it goes back to normal soon. I am expecting to have it tomorrow, otherwise, there’s another reason to look forward to for not having it on time heehee!

Anyway, the day we had dropped my husband off to the Airport was the same day we had our flu shot for this year, as a part of our Employee’s benefits. I felt better after being hit by cold for 3 days and volunteered myself to get shot right away. Deye and the nanny also had their shots administered that same day but not Ishi, who might have had acquired cold from me. Maybe next week, I’ll have her shot administered.

I am really glad that I didn’t have to go through a strong medication nor getting admitted isn’t required. Otherwise, it’ll be a double job for my nanny though I am sure I’ll be taken care well (with friends who might also consider of ordering fruit baskets online, if that happens) as well as my girls but still I don’t want to spend even a night in the hospital.

I hope to get good news in my next check-up! Oooops, it’s not what you think! But if that comes a surprise, I’d be the happiest one of course!

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