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Until now I don’t understand why Erchelle has developed an asthma. None of us has this and I feel that it’s too early for her to have this. She was diagnosed of asthma when she was just 4 months old. That was also the first time she had flu and I was shocked that when I rushed her to the emergency at 2am due to vomiting after every feed, I was advised right there and then that she needs to be admitted. After a month, the same thing happened. She was again admitted and that time it was really bad that we had to stay there for a week. Imagine the expenses we had over those months? Since she was still a small baby, we don’t have a choice but to stay in a private room, and her condition also requires it.

I’m so lucky to have a PhilHealth which I can rely on in times like this. Since then, I became more aware of some other benefits that a person should have. It could hurt your salary a bit but you will benefit from it when the time comes that you need it. Because of this I also grabbed the opportunity that my Employer extends to the Employees. The Medicare in which we pay half, while the other 50% is paid by the Company. We also have dental care benefits. I’m just not sure if other medications are covered like if we want to have a papsmear or wish to cleanse colon.

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