Living a healthy lifestyle is definitely something that is hard to achieve, especially if the family has a habit of eating out, and indulging in junk food. This happens quite regularly during casual get-togethers and big family occasions.

When I think of something good that this pandemic has brought us, it’s the healthy habits that, in fact, can be done with no fuss, but we never did regularly when we were living in the old normal.

Believe it or not, because of the pandemic, we, in the household have come up with better habits which can actually result in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Being said that, allow me to list down some of the healthy living tips that we now follow as a family.

1. Less intake of junk food, if ever we do over movie nights, we make sure that we drink lots of water.

2. Less screen time, unless needed during working hours and online classes. That way we will have more time to sleep or at least rest.

3. More intake of vegetables than meat that contains bad cholesterol.

4. It’s a must that we also take our Vitamin Cs daily, with no excuses, or otherwise, if I fail to find it in our area, I make sure that lemons are available in the household for making fresh lemon juice. That has been our alternative to drugstore-bought vitamins since day 1 of lockdown, and happy to say that no one has fallen sick ever since.

5. It’s also made sure that the clothes we were on a daily basis are washed and dried properly especially now that we are on a rainy season. I just wish we have a Beko dryer in the house to make things easier for us hahaha!

6. Having a baby in our home also changed every bit of the things that we do, we are also now conscious of the ‘wash your hands’ habit every now and then especially before holding/touching the baby.

Above are just the basics that we do regularly, which I feel are also necessary with or without the pandemic. I have been telling my kids, too, that we should never go back to neglecting the things that we used to do.

I also plan to work out once I am fully recovered from my Csec operation not for the reason of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight but to keep healthy. My age is actually telling me now to do so, and I want to treat is a responsibility this time.

Mitch Carvalho

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