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I so love the fact that my daughter offers help whenever she sees me loaded with household chores. This scenario usually happens on Sundays when my househelp is off. But today, it’s not just her day off, I gave up on her.

Anyway, today, I asked Ate Deye to get me 4 packs of Magic Sarap from the store down our house. My dad dropped her till she got down off the stairs. From the terrace, I watched her carefully and I could see the excitement that she had when I told her to buy them.When she came back, she handed me over the change and counted right in front of me the things I asked her to buy. She goes like “1, 2, 3, 4!” Correct Mama?” Hahaha!

While she was doodling on her scrap book, I told her to just be there coz I need to sweep the floor and tidy up some things in the house. But she didn’t listen, got up from where she was seated, took the “basahan” and offered me help. I told her not but she insisted. I gave in and instructed her to wipe the spots that she would see on the tiles haha! She perfectly did and wanted some more jobs. I wonder if she’d continue to do so when she’s already a grown up, I doubt! Hahaha!

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