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Putting a child to sleep could be a nightmare, especially when you have to be at work at exactly 9am the next day.

Since she was born, I made sure that proper sleeping habit and schedule is followed. Lights are turned off at exactly 8:30pm. If I have to carry her like a baby until now, I still do just to keep her still.

But few months ago were different. She’s been hooked to her fave educational TV shows and books. I had noticed her fondness to only four things:

  1. Barney’s theme song
  2. Rock-a-bye-baby song
  3. In My Room (from Happy Feet soundtrack)
  4. Baba Black Sheep

Because of that, I helped her create familiar names related to the above songs as:

  1. Barney
  2. Baby
  3. Mabush (as how he refers Mumble in the movie)
  4. Baba

As I put her to sleep, I usually ask her “Do you want Mama to sing for you?” Instead of nodding or simply saying yes, she’d say any of the above names depending on her mood.

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  • analyse

    hay naku, louna’s getting addicted din to nemo and dora.. she would say moo for nemo and oh men for dora (oh men is what swiper says each time he’s stopped on what he wants to do – fave na nya si swiper hehe).


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