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Herb garden and continuous garden improvement

If you have been following me on FB, you probably know by now how hooked I am in gardening these days.

I actually started a herb garden despite the fact that I am not gifted with a green thumb. There’s no harm in trying, anyway! That was the time when  my husband was still here on vacation. We had this green plastic net installed on the garden side walls to hang the pots where the herbs were planted. I have yet to get more pots for more herbs.


As you can see, my parsley looks like dying but in fact this plant had served me a lot already and that was the last batch I harvested from it. As I write this post, that pot is empty at the moment waiting for another batch of seeds to be planted.

We also had extended the front roof by fixing a green shade, again using a plastic green net and framed it with 2×2 wood sticks. 


My front yard feels a lot cooler than before. Apart from this, we also got rid of our bermuda grass and replaced it with Y-shaped bricks. It took us hours to finish it. Yup, it was my husband and I who did this. I plan to fill the gaps with small white stones to give it a more brighter look.


We also bought hanging plants, just like that. Yup, I just like them haha! Take a peek where I kept my cacti and succulents! Pretty babies!



That would be all for now. Standby for more home garden improvement blog posts!

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