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My daughter is down with fever, colds, and cough with phlegm since yesterday. But this time I didn’t take her to her Paediatrician. I thought, I’d try to give her home natural remedies. Anyway, we have lots of oregano leaves planted in our backyard. Since fresh oregano has this after taste that my daughter for sure won’t like, I have added some honey. She’s okay with it, and just a while ago, she had vomited the phlegm that’s been keeping her unwell. Here’s how to do it:

Boil water with oregano. Extract the juice from the leaves. Mix it with honey. And give it to your child just like how you are given her/him a liquid medicine. I usually give her two tablespoon full of this.

If you don’t have fresh oregano leaves available, you can try giving your child uncooked eggyolk mixed with sugar.

Anyway, I really wish and hope she gets well soon. Will post more updates later. For now I need to get some info about air o swiss humidifiers that Aunt Tess had asked me to do.

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