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Home remedy for asthma

malunggayWe had been going back and forth to my bunso’s Pedia but it seems like she doesn’t get well. Since New Year, she’s been struggling with her non stop cough caused by asthma. She was already given steroids thinking it’ll help her feel better and was on Montelukast for 15 days, yet nothing got her better.

I was talking to my officemate the other day and she told me to try and take her to a “magtatawas or albularyo”. I said why not “wala namang mawawala”. But I’m glad the old lady said no one harmed my baby, it’s really about her asthma that makes her sick. She instructed me to give her malunggay juice with calamansi extract and a tablespoon of sugar.

So I did this morning. I picked around 3 stems with leaves of malunggay of course, extracted 3 pcs calamansi and a tablespoon of sugar. Boiled the leaves in 8ml water and gave it to her. Glad she liked the taste. But of course before giving her that despite the recommendation of that old lady, I also did my homework. I googled it and when I found numbers of people who had already done and tried it, that’s when I decided to give it to Erchelle this morning. Right now she’s fast asleep, that’s why I had the chance to finish my pending auto insurance reviews. This has been sitting in my dashboard for ages.

We’ll see if it relieves her, if it still doesn’t, I guess I have no choice but to take her to Manila for a second opinion.

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