Looking back, I used to not spend time in the kitchen at all but ever since I learned cooking, it became a part of my mommy routine. In fact, I even put so much effort in preparing sweets, too. But being the “wais” mom that I am, I try to come up to more than 2 dishes using the same ingredients almost all the time.

Just in time, I am celebrating my 45th birthday tomorrow and thought of hitting 2 dishes of sweets using the exact same ingredients. Check them out below:

2 Packs All Purpose Cream, chilled
1 Can Condensed Milk
1 Can Fruit Cocktail
1 Jar Nata de Coco
1 Jar Kaong
1. Chill all purpose cream for at least an hour.
2. Using a mixer, fold in the AP Cream, and mix.
3. Pour in the condensed milk.
4. Mix until soft peak.
5. Then add in fruit cocktail. Mix using a spatula. Set aside.
6. Drain CDO Sweet Preserves: CDO Nata de Coco and Kaong before adding them in to the mixture.
7. Using a spatula, mix until well combined.
8. Transfer to an empty ice cream container, and top it with some more CDO Sweet Preserves.
9. Freeze overnight.

Using the same ingredients above (Except trimming down AP Cream to 1 pack), let’s make a FRUIT SALAD.

1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until well-combined.
2. Transfer to a clean container.
3. Chill.

Click here for the quick recipe video.

Easy, right?? Now I only need to worry about my main course. Then all set for tomorrow for a simple birthday celebration. Wagi na naman sa sweets ang wais mom na ‘to!

CDO Sweet Preserves is available at the following online stores:

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