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“Honey” Lemon Tea

When my husband called from work last night , I told him “I am not feeling well, my throat is in pain and dry…” So he said, “Okay take rest and stop kissing Deye for now…” Sus ang sungit naman!

After putting Deye to sleep, I cooked hubby’s food and went to sleep…

He came at 12:30 midnight. I prepared our “late” dinner. When we finished, went to the kitchen and he followed me, turned the kettle on and told me:

D : Go, get the “honey” from the fridge?

Me : For what?

D : I’m making a tea for you, have it with lemon and honey… Get the “honey”…

Me : What honey? It’s not good for a sore throat…. It’s sweet!

D : Just get it and bring here, hay nakow! (He really said that!)

Me : Why do you need “honey”, when your “mahal” is here with you? Bwahahaha! (we call each other “mahal”)

D : *Laughing* Just get it pls… and tomorrow you do a google research about “honey”.

This morning, he called me at work. After asking how I was, he said “so have you done your “honey” research? I said “no”.

After I hang up, I did…. Bwahahaha! He was right! Toink! I never knew that honey is one of the herbal cold remedies.

Now I know….

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  • feng

    yes, honey is good for colds. that’s a comfort drink i prepare for my own little family when they have colds. nga lang, for the babies, honey is not yet recommended until they’re 1.6 years old. 🙂


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