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House hunt, location and the kitchen carts

My husband who is coming few days from now has been bugging me to continue looking for a house unit like the ones in Camella Homes. It’s actually been long overdue. Well, I did and spoke to few people and found one similar, Lincoln Heights. It’s located in Dinalupihan, Bataan. I already got the list of requirements and layouts of the location and units. Lincoln Heights is actually the one you see when you pass by SCTEX on your left when coming from SBMA. I was a bit discouraged when people gave negative comments about the place having a “pulang lupa”. And even mentioned the tragedy happened in Cherry Hills. No offense to Lincoln Heights but just taking precautions which I believe everyone is entitled.

Anyway, the search still continues with the help of our common friend who happened to get one unit in Camella Homes. He has found one in Mexico, Pampanga but the distance made me decline it. It’s not actually the distance that hold me from not taking it. It’s also not the location nor the layout. It’s not the design or installment and deposit fees that they offer and ask for. It’s not the furniture or set of appliances and the kitchen carts that I am particular with. It’s just that my heart gets heavy even with just a thought that I am leaving Olongapo, my hometown if that happens…

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