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How an FB Post saved our lives and stuff as Pedring hits our place

To some, Facebook is just an outlet to pass their time like playing online games and connect with their loved ones overseas. That Tuesday, I saw it differently. It actually saved our lives and stuff as Typhoon Pedring hits our place.

As I have said earlier, I was still able to check my FB before the electricity went off and saw an important post on my wall. That very moment, the first thing that hit me was to warn my relatives and officemates who also live nearby. Whether the post was true or not, I felt responsible for sharing it to them coz I was the first one to have read it. Plus coming from a Councilor like Mr. Ed Piano, I don’t think he’ll post such if it wasn’t meant seriously.

Not only that, as soon as I have posted few photos about how flood has slowly covered our street, text messages from friends and relatives who live in Manila and other area started to come in asking how we were doing. Because of this, I’m so loving FB more hahaha! From now on, I’d be more keen on posts and not only focus on baby announcements and potential online jobs shared by friends!

You see, FB is not a bad influence at all right?

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