Some people seem to have all of the luck when it comes to their careers. They start a job straight out of school, the promotions come quickly, and suddenly there are many doors open to them. They’ve got the skills and experience to start up on their own or to move into a different company. They never get bored, and their progress is consistent.

But this isn’t true of everyone. Most of us have up to ten jobs during our working lives. We find it hard to settle, and sometimes even after years (and a vast expense) it’s just not right, and we’re not happy with our jobs. Other people find that they just get stuck. They like their jobs, they are happy, and there is room to grow. But it’s not happening. Despite enjoying work, they struggle to move forward and their careers stagnate. Often, these people consider a career change that they don’t really want, in an attempt to seek fresh challenges and excitement, not to mention better pay and greater responsibility. When this happens, education is often the answer. If you are considering going back to school, wondering “why should I get a DNP?” or just exploring in house training in your industry, here’s a look at some of the ways that education could boost your career.

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To Update Your Knowledge When you graduate, your knowledge is fresh. Then, you start work. You learn a lot in a short amount of time as you train in your job. You’re an expert in your field. Then, over time, you learn more about your day to day job. You can do it with your eyes closed. But, other advancements have been made. You might know your key role, but how is your knowledge of your chosen subject on the whole? Education, be it a degree or a short course, is the best way to update your knowledge, helping you to keep up with all of those new starters. 

You’ll Meet New People Networking is an integral part of business, but also a great way to find out more about what’s available around you, career-wise. Going on a course, or enrolling in an education program is a fantastic way to meet more people. People that could support your career become friends or give you new opportunities in the future. It’s a tremendous way to make potentially important connections.

It’s Making the Right Impression Most of us are guilty of just assuming that the promotions will come automatically. That we’ll be offered them when it’s clear that we are ready. But, sometimes working hard isn’t the only way to make your intentions clear. It’s certainly not always enough to set you apart from other candidates. Taking courses and finding ways to educate yourself makes the right impression. It shows that you are willing to learn, to go the extra mile and that you are committed to doing well. It sets you apart as someone who will never rest or grow complacent. It shows that you are keen, motivated and able to study around your job.

Mitch Carvalho

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