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How sweetened Pili Nuts are processed

I’ve always wondered why in the world sweetened Pili Nuts are too expensive when sold in the market. I finally knew the answer. First I will show you how shelled Pili Nuts look like.

Shelled Pili Nuts

They look very much alike to Duhat but bigger and more oblongated.

Cut in the middle enough to make an opening not touching the nut itself. Although, it’s hard to avoid breaking the nuts when completely unshelled.

Step 1

Remove the shell and the brown peel. At times, you need to pick the nut to be able to get it. My cousins use toothpick to do that.

Step 2

Here’s how the totally unshelled Pili Nuts look like. It’s white and soft.

Step 3

Above are ready to be cooked according to your liking. Some puts sesame seeds and flavor while majority want it plain.

Finished product

So imagine if you have harvested hundreds of sacks of these! You’d go nuts and crazy haha!

The Pili Nuts that you see above were part of the harvested ones from my brother’s property in Bicol. The moment I learned how the process is done, I slowed down eating  ’em feeling sorry for my cousins who have been making ’em for us during our stay there haha!

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