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If you’re looking for ways to create extra living spaces in your home, your basement could be just the ticket. Often we only need to look to the lower floor of our homes as a way to open up new rooms in our homes. With just a little work, here is how to convert your basement into a beautiful new bedroom, and in the process, add significant value to your property.

Call In The Pros There are some parts of a basement renovation that you will really need professional help with. You will need a basement remodeling contractor to check that the structure of the basement is sound, to advise about any potential windows you can put in and to help you lay out the floor plan for what the end result may look like. A basement remodelling contractor will be able to talk you through all the larger structural issues, make sure that you are doing everything right and that it is an area that would be suitable for the type of bedroom that you have in mind. So look for professional contractors in your local area to make sure you are getting reliable and trustworthy advice.

Start With The Walls After hiring said contractor and taking on their advice you may find that there are certain parts of the remodelling that you can take on yourself. Some are a little tricker and some are more simple. The first main job for a basement renovation is the walls. The walls in your basement are going to need framing and as this is such an essential job, and one of the trickier parts of your renovation, you may want to keep your contractor on for this part. It will involve creating lumber frames and then securing those frames onto the walls with a nail gun. As it is essential to get this part right, again it’s really recommendable to use your contractor for this part of the project.

Painting The next stage is much more straightforward and definitely a job you can take on yourself. That is the painting. A lot of basements offer exposed brick walls which can look really pretty painted over in a high gloss white. For plaster covered walls think of the type of colours you will want to use to create your desired mood for this new bedroom. As basements are generally darker than the rest of the house, you will probably want to keep the paint colours light and neutral.

The Ceiling Many basement ceilings are unfinished so you may very well look up and find lots of wires and cables up there. If that’s the case then you will want to call back the contractor and get a solid roof put in to neatly and safely get all those unsightly wires tucked away.

The Floor As basements have a stronger likelihood of getting more wet than other rooms in the house you are going to want to look at investing in vinyl or tiles floors to make sure your floor will not be destroyed in the event of a small water leak or a bigger water problem.

Once you have all of these main structural elements in place you can then have fun decorating and making your new bedroom look like a cosy, welcoming and inviting new room in your home.


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