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How to build a website

How to build a website? Building a website could be a great challenge if you are a beginner and have no clue where to start. Before you are able to build one up, know the simple steps and requirements first so when you are finally decided what to make, you are good to go. By the time you finished reading these, I’m sure you’d have your site up in no time, with no hassle.

Step 1 – Hosting
Hosting is where you put your website and its pages. The first thing you need to do is find a Web hosting provider.

Step 2 – Register your domain
Registering a domain name is just like registering a business name. It should be: 

  • relevant to your content. You can’t use “Pepsiriffic” if you plan to sell Coke products. That’s absolutely unacceptable!
  • catchy but simple and easy to remember. Choose something that people would remember. Always remember, domain name plays a big role in search engines.
  • has the correct extension i.e. .com, .info, .net, .ph When you are done building up your website, be sure to give out the complete website address without having your readers confused whether it’s a .com or a .net. You sure don’t want them to land on a different page.

Step 3 – Plan your website
Know your niche! Be consistent with your contents! It does make a difference and next thing you’ll know, your site is already indexed in Google in no time.

Step 4 – Publish your website
If you are unsure what to do, consult your Web hosting provider.

Step 5 – Promote your website
These days social networking will make your life easier. No more cold calling to tell your friends and clients (if ever you plan to have your business’ website up) that you have just got a website up and running. Email marketing is also a good option.

Step 6 – Maintain your website
Again, this is something like maintaining your business shop. Or your own home. I know it could be the most boring part of all the above steps but in order to keep your site going well, you need to do it. Do not stop right here. Continue to develop your contents so that you visitors will have something to look forward to.

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