That was the question that a friend asked me. How to buy wedding shoes? I simply followed my taste and that was it. Well, that was for me. But actually, there are tips from the expert ones that you could follow or take as a guide when choosing your wedding shoes. Anyway, this is one big event that you’d remember for the rest of your life so better make it the best.

Few things to consider when choosing:

  1. Heel height.
  2. Style
  3. Cost

Mine was similar to this one.

But you know what, no one I think even noticed its style because my wedding gown had it covered during the whole time LOL! And people didn’t even know that at the last part of the wedding program, I had already taken them off. It’s the heel height that made me do that. So I guess, yeah, you really need to consider the heel height when choosing the right wedding shoes for you.

Looking for other type of shoes? Click the items listed below:

  1. Bike shoes
  2. Running shoes
  3. Golf shoes
  4. Sneakers

I’m sure my brother would like these:

He’s leaving soon to work abroad and thinking of buying a couple of pairs before he goes. Sure he would need these until such time he’s able to buy some from there, including mine LOL!

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