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If you are the kind of person who just has to glance at a cactus for it to inexplicable wilt and die, then you are probably looking at your garden with some sense of trepidation. How is it that plants seem able to grow anywhere as long as they are nowhere near you?

Well, green-fingered or not, gardening doesn’t have to be such a disaster and there are ways that you can create a stunning garden without scaring off any of the plants. All you need a few simple tricks up your sleeve and you’re away.

A Wildflower Meadow

Yes, a wildflower meadow is possibly the simplest solution for any garden. All you need is a space that, at this point, is mainly dirt with the odd bit of sad looking grass, a few packs of wildflower seeds and a lovely spring day. Spring is the best time to sow wildflower seeds as the frost has gone, the weather is fine and the soil is just right.

Use a hoe to turn the soil and aerate it a bit. This just means that the ground won’t be so compact so the seed can start to take root when it’s ready. You should then rake in some potting soil so that there will be plenty of nutrients for your flowers. Then, all you need to do is scatter the seeds over the soil and walk over the ground to push them in.

If you have a large area, you could use a seed spreader (found on this page) and a roller to make the process a bit faster.

A Water Feature

If you are looking to make a feature you can’t kill, a water feature is ideal. You can make your own out of some hose and a few carefully placed rocks, or you could buy one from a local garden centre. There are all kinds of designs for water features from cascades rushing down walls to the classic upturned urn.

One of the best things about water features (apart from how easy they are to maintain) is that they also attract birds and other wildlife to your garden. If you go for a pond, it will encourage frogs and birds to come and visit your garden more often and you could even add your own fish.

A Rockery

Rocks are great in the garden and though they might not be your first choice, if you use them to create interesting stacked designs, they can become so much more than a pile of stone. There are lots of ways to make water features using rocks and the crevices between are ideal for small hardy plants to settle in without any help from you.

Even if you have completely failed to keep any plants alive so far, you can still achieve a beautiful garden design that will essentially look after itself. There are lots of plants that are more than happy to be ignored and other ways to create unique features too.

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