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How to get rid of household mold

Since rainy season has started, I have noticed some household mold growth in some parts of the house especially in the kitchen area where wooden cabinets are built. This  worries me for I know it could also be the cause of an asthma attack. So I Googled for tips on how to get rid of household mold:

  • Repair all leaks – Immediately repair and dry any water leaks within 24 hours.
  • Clean hard surfaces – Regularly clean hard surfaces with bleach-based products that not only kill mold but also destroy and neutralize any allergy-inducing spores. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, then have someone who isn’t sensitive do the cleaning.
  • Aerate all crawlspaces – Besides making sure all household crawlspaces (such as in attics and basements) are well ventilated, also place plastic over dirt in outside crawlspaces to keep out moisture.
  • Use exhaust fans – To guard against moisture in rooms such as your kitchen and bathrooms, install and use exhaust fans.
  • Use caution with humidifiers – Although humidifiers are needed, especially during the dry winter months, be sure to turn them off if you see condensation on your windows as that’s a sign of moisture.
  • Use dehumidifiers – Be sure to use a dehumidifiers in your basement, especially during hot humid weather.
  • Don’t carpet bathrooms and basements – If you already have carpeting installed over concrete, regular check for any signs of mold. Rather than carpeting your basement, it’s best to install flooring with area rugs that be taken up and washed. Installing a vapor barrier over concrete is also advisable.

There’s more to it! Click here and find out how to get rid of mold for allergy relief.

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