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It is possible to keep your house looking good as new for years, even if you are on a budget. There are some tips and tricks that you can apply to ensure that your home continues to look like something out of a luxury lifestyle magazine. Below are some tips on how to maintain your house in a top state. 

1. Regular Maintenance

Conducting regular maintenance on your house can go a long way in keeping as good as new for as long as possible. Ensure that you rotate cushions and vacuum the fabric on your seats each time you clean the living room. Mend any tears right away, and clean tea spills immediately. 

2. Touch Up the Paint Job and Remove Scuff Marks

Chipped paint and scuff marks from bags and shoes can make your walls look old and worn out. That is why it is essential to set aside some time to patch, scrub, patch, and touch up the paint job in the interior and exterior of your house, and you will notice a huge difference.

3. Polish Up Your Furniture

If you hardly ever polish your furniture, take some time to do so, and the difference might amaze you. The finishing material used will determine the type of polish that you should use. Finished wood pieces might respond well to wax or furniture paste, while mid-century teak pieces can do with an oil rub. 

4. Remove Marble Stains

Marble surfaces are porous and prone to staining. It is, therefore, wise to wipe off spills as soon as they happen. If you have already stained your marble, there is still hope for restoring its beauty. You can always call up a professional if the removal solutions you looked up online don’t seem to work. 

Alternatively, you may opt for kitchen renovations to revive your kitchen’s look and incorporate materials that are less prone to staining. 

5. Refresh Old Wooden Floors

Although you may not have enough resources to get your wooden floors refurbished, there are various measures that you can take to make them look brand new. The method you use to refresh your flooring depends on the type of wood finish. 

If your floors have a natural oil-rubbed finish, you can shine them up with oil;  for those with a polyurethane finish clean, with a vinegar and water solution. However, if you opt for this method, use a barely damp mop and dry with a towel immediately to prevent the floors from getting soggy.


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6. Condition Leather

Provided that you take good care of your leather furniture, it can look better with age. Use a conditioner on your leather a few times a year to keep it from drying out and cracking. To keep it looking fresh, wipe up spills as soon as they happen, vacuum regularly, and dry with microfiber cloths whenever necessary. 

Moving to a new home is always exciting. However, maintaining it in this state can be daunting, especially if you are on a budget. You can apply some of the above tips to keep your home a coveted haven.

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