We went to the mall yesterday after the school program. I was supposed to look for a tv stand for my in-laws just to get an idea how they will modify the existing one to fit the new 42″ TV set that hubby got for them but I ended up buying the things that weren’t listed in my agenda.

Human nature! Yeah, a human nature but no I’m not talking about the human nature that we possess when we go to the shopping malls heehee! I’m talking about organic products that my high school friend is selling. I was surprised to see him in one corner of the mall, showcasing and selling these products that he shares with his cousin. I’d say these products are good finds. They smell good, are organic and the best part? Affordable! Here are the things that I bought:

2 Strengthening for less hair fall shampoo 200ml (one for me and for my mom) P99.75 each
1 Shampoo and body wash for kids (watermelon scent) 100ml P59.75
1 Overnight moisturizer 50ml (royal jelly and banana) P89.75
1 Watermelon hand sanitizer (watermelon scent) P69.75

Prices are not bad eh? Should you like to try on these products, please don’t hesitate to leave me a message and I’d be gladly to assist and refer you to my friend.

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