I-Am-Not-A-Mistress. Duh!

Three days ago, I got this text message:

Okay lang kami ng mga anak ko. Tigilan mo ng magtext sa asawa ko, di pa kami hiwalay. Huwag mo na syang guguluhin, okay?

I was like huh? Who are you? I replied such, wondering maybe I really know this person or it was just a wrong message sent to my phone.

But then she replied in a way that really made me upset. I told her instead:

I am not a mistress. And if ever I would have another man in my life, I won’t go for over a 50 year old man. I pity your husband, he doesn’t know what you’re doing…. I think you two should sit down and discuss your problems.

Again, she replied… Through that message I came to know who she was and right there and then I mentioned her married name. After that she stopped sending me messages. I sent a message to her “husband” letting him know what she’s been doing to me. I don’t care whatever situation they are in right now. But it’s humiliating to say such words to me!

Believe me I thought about this over again.. whether to blog about this or not. At first I said forget it, she doesn’t know what she’s doing besides I won’t stoop down her level. But then, it gave me a thought that somehow it would help wives who are doubting their husbands clear their minds first and think over again before doing such act. It’s embarrassing you know…. You have no right to say that especially when you personally don’t know the other person involved. Besides, I am a decent woman, happily married. Manlalake man ako dun na sa may mapapala ako no! Hmp!

That incident made me think “why do men still look for someone else when they are already married?” Could it be the wives triggering (can’t seem to find the right word for this) them to do it or are they really polygamous by nature, as how most people would say it...?

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  1. i also have that question in my mind, sis – the one on the last paragraph and wala pa ring mga sagot. but i can prove it that a partner can go out looking for another man or woman jsut becaust of the current partner. i feel that “til death do us part no matter what” does not work for most couples anymore these days. which is really sad.

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  2. @ Feng : Infidelity is now a common thing…. but we can’t just put the blame to just one person, it could be your fault also and the 3rd party’s… There must be reasons behind it. The sad part lang minsan yung totally tumatalikod na sa responsibility sa family.

    Mas masakit ata din eh yung mapagbintangan ka na mistress ka ng walang basehan, duh! Never in my life na pinangarap kong maging kerida! Isa pa ngang duh!!!


  3. I would say MAN just wanna have fun! lol

    When we get married, I talked this to my husband seriously..sabi ko adultery or fornication is the only ground the bible gave to justify leaving ur husband or wife. It means committing it is a serious sin. So think twice before doing it.. is it worth to leave me and go to other women? heheheh

    Also US, women, needs to guard ourselves from guy who is flirting.

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  4. Nowadays kasi, it seems that no one takes marriage seriously na. Parang kung gaano kadali sa kanila magpakasal, ganun na din kadali makipaghiwalay kaya wala ng natatakot to commit that sin.



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