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I Finally Told Him…

Who else but my boss… Yeah, I finally informed him (verbally) that I’m passing my resignation within this week (but it’s actually tomorrow, I just have to say it so he won’t panic). I know it was informal to tell him online but I don’t have any choice but to catch him online early today…

Me : *After I’m done with my work report* FYI in advance, I’m passing my resignation within this week…

Boss : *typing*

Me : *waiting*

Boss : *finally replied* Okay, but I still have to talk to you about that later….

Me : Thanks! I’ll call you later…

Boss : Let me call you after 20 minutes. Anything else???

Me : *I continued with other work updates*

That conversation was at exactly 9am today. And it’s now 4:05 pm and he hasn’t called me yet for a meeting. I wonder why? Is he ignoring me? Should I initiate the call or wait??? *sigh*


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