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I got inked, again!

Yup, you’ve read it right! AGAIN! My first tattoo, a butterfly, was done 3 years ago. It was my husband who actually pushed me to get it done. The tattoo artist had a hard time finishing mine as I would always ask for a break.

The other day, my brother called me telling me their plan of getting inked. Their” referring to my paternal cousins. As agreed, a letter C which stands for Cortez and a crown. The girls will have a red colored crown while the boys will have a blue one. The letter C that they have chosen has a tribal design inside it. Right! That adds another pain. Later on it was decided to include our first or nick names under the letter. Since I already have one on my right leg, I didn’t mind having another one for as long as it is put on my back. Surprisingly, it was done smoothly, continuously,ย  and didn’t even bleed.


The best part was we were able to convince my dad to have it, too. So far, here’s what we got. The rest of the cousins who are at the right age got theirs done too. Too bad I don’t have their photos taken yet.


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