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Remember the day when I said I decided to take rest and not to touch my PC for at least 24 hours? Well, just in time SmartBro Connection in our area was also down for I think at least 36 hours. Imagine that! And this downtime happens at least 3x a week. But the other day was the worst – 36 hours and I almost missed some of my important and pending opps. There’s no need to buy ephedra coz you’d surely burn fats just by talking to them, waiting on the line explaining the same thing over again, giving them the IP add, Physical add, disabling the connection, plugging off the i-net adaptor and enabling the connection once again.

Now, I’m really confused whether to unsubscribe with Smartbro in January as soon as I finished my contract with them and go with PLDT-DSL {coz I also read about slow service that this company is giving}, or remain patient and loyal with Smartbro?

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  1. i think you should switch to pldt dsl. although not perfect pldt dsl has less problems than smart bro. and it also costs the same. although you should inquire first if there is a dsl line available in your area because some areas arent covered by pldt dsl.

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  2. that is so frustrating! nun ngang nahghome based ako and digitel gamit ko,
    one week ba naman wala. at halos every month ganun. kaya i can really imagine the
    frustration you’ve felt especially with all the oops nearly up for grabs.
    i have heard about lots of issues with smart bro and even at work, me times,
    me office hours din connection nia samin. tuwing sabado ba naman,
    wala kang makukuhang internet connection! tsk tsk

    it’s a tough decision for you to make. hope you get a better service in case you switch.

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