I Say No to Bottle Feeding!

Well, at least for my 2nd baby. I know I did it wrong with Deye, I meant the whole procedure of breastfeeding that is why my milk didn’t last for even a week. My boss is going to kill me if he gets to read this coz I have religiously availed my 6 months breastfeeding hours after delivery LOL! Okay. For those who are not aware, in Bahrain (not sure with the nearby countries), you get to go home 2 hours earlier from your regular working hours to give way to breastfeeding your baby. My usual timing was 9-6pm but because of this privilege, I was able to enjoy 9-4pm for the whole 6 months.

Anyway, back to breastfeeding, I am fully aware that breastfeeding is the healthiest form of milk for babies and I felt bad and guilty for not being able to give it to Deye. I thought she wasn’t getting enough milk from me. I was sore too. And I have to admit, I didn’t have enough knowledge about breastfeeding during that time neither didn’t put an effort researching about it.

But now, I am so ready for it. In fact, I have bought almost all the baby stuff needed except for the feeding bottles. I also think that it’s a good way to wean Deye off from bottle feeding.

Wish me luck! 😉

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