I was once a VA

As soon as I got back home for good, I accepted the offer that a fellow blogging mommy gave me. A Virtual Assistant working from home. Sure it does make a mommy life easier seeing your kids run around the house while you are just home earning money at the same time. It does give you a peaceful mind knowing that when they fall sick, you won’t have to rush home to attend to their needs and comfort them.

But don’t forget, there’s always a downside of being one. In my case, I used to have a 9pm to 6am schedule. At half past 6am, my daughter usually wakes up. No matter how tired I was that long night, I still have to keep myself awake so I can spend some time with her. However, there were times when I just couldn’t. There were even times that I just don’t feel like eating and bathing coz I prefer to get some sleep. Before 9pm, I should tuck her in to bed, otherwise I won’t be able to do my online tasks peacefully.

I survived for a year until I saw my daughter making milk for herself. At 3 years old she was so independent that when I doze off to sleep, after a couple of times trying to wake me up for milk, she just stopped and made one for herself.

That’s when I thought this set up won’t work. I’d rather go back to the Corporate world which I did few months later my resignation as a VA, and spend at least 3 hours with my girls before bed time and enjoy the weekend without being called for duty when urgent tasks require me to go online.

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