I will be a Hello Kitty Fan forever

My love and loyalty for Hello Kitty is no more a secret. Most of my family members and friends know that. If only I have the money, I would spend so much getting and buying Hello Kitty items to complete a collection. Since I cannot do that, I try my best influencing my daughters to like Hello Kitty, too. I wish there are Hello Kitty designs in women’s fashion clothes too.

Hello Kitty Rubber Shoes

When my mom said she will buy rubber shoes for the girls, I grabbed the opportunity of getting Hello Kitty for both of them. So we went to SM City today and got what I want for the girls at my mom’s expense teehee! Too bad there were no sizes available in the design that I like. So I ended up getting different designs for them.

Bunso trying on her shoes

Deye trying her shoes on

Good choices though! If you don’t look closely, you won’t notice the difference anyway.

Hello Kitty Rubber Shoes

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  1. OMG! me too!~ I always fight the urge to buy HK stuff though. Seems tacky if my whole house is riddled with HK’s face.

    I remember Tyra Banks saying that she loves HK too but she’s an adult now and can’t decorate her house with HK so she compromised by replacing her light switches with HK ones. *lol*

    Maybe when I have my own kid..I’ll channel my HK madness to them. hehe


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