If Ai-Ai Got Kris, I Got Mine Too! My Friendship/s… ;-)

I was wondering what Yen had for me in her blog. I immediately checked it and this is what I’ve found:

Awwwww! I’m so touched! Thank Yen for considering me one of your friends.

I’m passing this on to the following who have touched my heart since I met them on and off line. Our friendship may have come in different ways and some of you have known me for such a short time, I want you know that I really appreciate whatever we have now.

1. Annie > The first time I’ve seen you in Kuro, I knew that we will get along well. I’m glad that we were able to meet up in person. I hope that there will always be next time.

2. Arlene > I won’t forget you. You were the first person I got to know in Kuro. And I guess what we have in common made us friends. Alam mo na yun kung ano hahaha!

3. Feng > The first time I stumbled upon your blog, I knew we will get along well too. Is it the age? Or the sense of humor that we have in common? Or maybe the kulitan moments? Whatever it is, I’m glad I’ve known you.

4. Amore > I’ve known her through Feng, she’s our web host. At first it was purely business but in the long run we clicked and share some little secrets in the past. Again, what we have in common made it possibl, maybe…. Just a guess. Whatcha think? 😉

And last but not the least….

5. Cookie > I love your humor. Really. Especially the senior moments hahaha! Thanks for being one of the good friends in the universe who make me smile and laugh almost everyday.

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  1. Am touched, Sis! huhuhuhu… Thank you so much!
    Yeah, alam ko kung ano yon ——–
    may Indian,
    …bt no matter what happens in the future, kahit wala pa tayong something in common, guess our paths will still cross.

    Pls know, that I always always admire you in many ways and am so honored to know that you consider me one of your “friends.”

    Sis, friends for life ha! 🙂

    Ayaw ko nga ng friends for life! :p Eh di pag namatay na ako di na tayo friends? 😀 Hehehe!


  2. huh, another award for me! mwahhh, thanks sis. nga pala, hirap hanapin nung older posts button mo, nandun lang pala sa taas ng header. at just like in the other post, hindi ko rin makita yung photo sa post na ito. 🙁

    Welcome sis! Bakit kaya? Di ko din alam hehehe!


  3. You’re funny Mitch! But I really appreciate this friendship over the net. I think we really have something in common.. hihihi being loka-loka! hahah and remember we both quit the showbiz world.. nobody knows that tayong dalawa lang nakakaalam. 😀 heheh And also I shared some puppy love i got.. bwahaha

    Ngayon alam na nila na nagquit tayo sa showbiz. :p


  4. awww, its just now that i read this. im deeply honored siiis, waaah.. touched ako as in!! =) one trivia i wont forget was: ur the very FIRST kuronian to pm me. sabi ko, grabe, friendly netohng taong toh. cnu bako para i-pm nia di ba, huhuhu hihihi dapat, ikaw c miss kulit, simply love ur humor and wit! idoool, hahaha thankies for the friendship ha, huggiiies a lot! =)

    Ay talaga? Ako yung una to PM you? Ako naman si Arlene ang unang PM ko when I was new to that forum. 🙂


  5. Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!

    Thanks! 🙂


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