Ikabud Pagkaing Pinoy, SM City Olongapo

I’ve read too many bad comments about Ikabud’s staff not knowing the professional way a waiting staff should do and treat their customers, thus, mom & I tried their service yesterday and so far, so good. In fact, they even saved my day!

We were there at about 5pm and served our orders of Grilled Porkchop (at Php79) on a sizzling plate and fresh buko juices still in a shell (Php65).

Grilled Porkchop

Fresh Buko Juice

Right after we were done with our meals, which I enjoyed opposing to the comments I have read on Facebook, we left the place and went around the mall for some errands. Reached home at about 8pm and realized that my phone was missing in my bag! Darn! I left it in Ikabud! I was sure ‘coz I don’t remember taking it out after we left the place. So I called my number and tried my luck! After 3 tries, a lady finally answered saying she’s from Ikabud. So I told her that I left my Samsung Galaxy Note there. I went back to their restaurant right away.

While I was entering the restaurant, the Head Waiter seemed to remember my face and started asking me questions. I told him quickly that I left my phone on the table where we had our meals. I gave him the information that would convince him that yes, it is my phone. He smiled and apologized for asking too many questions, saying he’s just making sure that the phone won’t go to the wrong person.

With such short conversation, I was able to get the names and met the two ladies who saved my phone and day, namely Lydia, who saw the phone on the table and Lisa, the cashier, who kept it and answered my call. Unfortunately, I was not able to take photos of them as they were busy with the diners.

I guess I was also lucky that no one yet sat on that same table, otherwise my phone would have gone missing by now.

To you ladies, thanks for such good deed! I’ll be back, I promise!



Ikabud Pagkaing Pinoy
Located at the 3rd Floor
SM City, Olongapo

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  1. my first time to hear about ikabud. i love filipino food!

    and glad you got your fone back. we still have really nice kababayan here in the country 😀 so happy to hear that!


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Yep, madami pa ding may magandang kalooban tulad nila.


  2. Thank God you have your fone back! If it were in other restaurants, you might have lost it completely. I lost my phone in teriyaki boy once. Another friend of mine lost his phone in a milk tea place. I’m so glad they kept it for you!


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Sobrang thankful ako kagabi talaga! Sabi ni mommy namutla ako ng bongga when I realized it’s not in my bag haha! Susme sinong hindi eh halos wala pang 2 mos sa akin yun.

    Awww! Sorry to hear about your and your friend’s phone.


  3. Affordable meals with honest crew! Truly a treasure! 😉


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Yup! Kasi kung sa iba yung malamang iniyakan ko na yung Samsung Note ko haha!

    I went back to the place the next day and brought them a cake with “Thank You, Ikabud”! They truly deserve a treat!


  4. I admire restaurant staff who are honest.. 🙂 You’re one lucky gal sis! I remember the first and last time I accidentally left my phone in an establishment inside a mall. I returned to the place in less than 10 minutes but my phone was already gone 🙁


  5. my husband was the duty supervisor that time… he even told me about that before.. Lucky you sis!! truly people/staff there are honest and the restaurant is worth recommendable 🙂


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