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I’d say… I had all the time in the world these past few days hahaha! Isn’t it too obvious? My husband just couldn’t say no whenever I tell him to take photos of whatever I have in mind hahaha! He’ll be like “why?”, and I would say “for my blog”. End of discussion. Hahaha! Okay, I won’t beat around the bush. I’m talking about taking photos of unnecessary things hehehe! But on the other hand, it helped me realize that the pairs of shoes I was “treasuring” for Deye’s kindergarten days are actually fitting her now.

I’m talking about the pink and white doll shoes (first two on from top). They were bought and brought by my mom when she came here. When I saw them I was like “my golly, pang-kinder na ito ah!” Hahaha! My mom was defensive and said “at least siguradong mapapakinabangan kesa naman maliit pala“.

While I was sorting out some of Deye’s infant clothes, I thought of checking her shoe cabinet as well. And because she was so after the pink pair, I told her to try it on. To my surprise, it fits her already. Wow! Ala-barko yata ang paa ng anak ko!

I had given away 4 pairs already. Two more pairs are packed with the old clothes that we giving to the Church. It hurts to let go of the things that you value most (bwehehehe!) because those were some of the firsts, but I had to. Instead of keeping them unused, I decided to give them away so that someone could make use of it.

So far the ones shown above are the shoes that she’s constantly been using. I haven’t bought anything new recently for I know she’ll outgrow of it and I don’t want to spend so much for that. Unless we really have to…

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  • greymom

    Aaaaw, so cute! I’ve always wanted a baby girl ’cause I love pinks and frilly things. Not for me but for little girls. Makikitingin na lang ako sa ibang may baby girls. 😀 Thanks for sharing your pics!

    That’s one of the many reasons why I wanted a baby girl, sarap bilihan ng gamit, daming anik-anik hihihi!


  • feng

    hala! ang dami ngang shoes ni Deye! aba eh kung may baby girl lang ako, malamang ganyan din ang attitude ko towards buying shoes. sarap kasi i-dress up ng girls di ba?

    uy teka, entry na ito for the PMN PamPics ah. 🙂

    Iba talaga pag girl ang anak mo, daming abubot hehehe!

    Oo nga ano, good for PMN entry? Di bale ulitin ko na lang hehehe!


  • sunshineforlife

    ang dami ng collection nya! hmmm have some more! it is nice to see them. hehehe

    I love the pink boots second to the lavender i sent her long back. hehehee


  • Christianne

    I think she has more shoes than I’ve ever had my entire life. Seriously 😀

    Same here…. Seriously din. But you know what I think we’ve only bought 4 pairs out of those shoes. Almost all of them were gifts and padala…


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