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Immigration experience at Amsterdam airport

On June 24, at 2pm, we finally landed at Amsterdam after a long trip. With the amount of documents submitted to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Makati City, I thought everything will be fine. Until the Immigration Officer stopped me with so many questions.

It was my boss, a Dutch, who argued with them in their language. But I could make out that it was me who they were arguing about. And then the Officer asked me how much cash do I have with me. It so happened that all the cash was under my care so I had to show it. He counted everything in front of us but still looks doubtful that I came there purely for business.

I got pissed off and started taking out all my identification cards including the ones that say I am employed at GrainPro. After few more discussions with my boss, we were finally allowed to get in but he was also asked to leave the names of my colleagues who were coming that next week.

It was a humiliating experience but it was not only me who was stopped there. All other nationals were also stopped for different reasons. Lesson learned, I should have brought my old passports with me as it could justify that I travelled many times already and that I had no plans to jump off and stay there illegally.

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