It is important when you become a homeowner to quickly learn about maintaining your home and garden to keep them clean, healthy, and structurally sound. The garden in particular can be a huge challenge for new homeowners especially if you have never been in charge of gardening before. 

Today we want to talk through some of the most important outdoor maintenance tips that you should take on board as a new homeowner. There are plenty of small jobs you’ll want to do throughout the year to ensure your garden stays beautiful and that your outdoor space is tidy. Here are some of the things you can do this June to help you maintain your garden. 

Clean your gutters twice a year (at least) The first thing to consider doing is hiring a company like Labor Panes to clean out your gutters before the summer begins. Guttering is likely a part of your home you have seldom thought about and this is no surprise. Your gutters go around the house and divert water away from your foundations and this prevents mould getting into your home. Cleaning the gutters often to ensure water flow is crucial and you should be doing this a few times a year at least. 

Stay on top of spreading weeds Spreading weeds such as spreading buttercups can be the bane of your life as a homeowner. If you have never encountered weeds before they can be hard to spot but if left to their own devices they can get out of control quickly. It is important for you to consider learning more about common weeds and make sure to dig them out as you see them. This will keep your garden tidy and will allow you to maintain a clean and healthy space. 

Know when to prune and when not to prune Pruning your big shrubs and trees can be a daunting prospect and the biggest question is when you should do it. It is important to prune your shrubs at the start of the spring season – in March – to allow them to avoid the harsh frost as well as start to bud for healthy summer growth. To prune you should look for the node where a green bud is coming out, and cut just above this. This will ensure that the leaves can grow healthy and the branches don’t get weakened or damaged. 

Mow the lawn often One important job to do as a new homeowner is to mow your lawn at least once a month. You would be surprised how quickly your lawn grows and it can be a hefty job to maintain your grass. Make sure you do this often though because if you don’t the grass will overgrow and your garden will look wild and messy. 

Attract wildlife into the space If you want to maintain your garden naturally – attract wildlife to do the work for you. Birds will take care of insects, insects will pollinate your plants, and your garden can mostly maintain itself apart from a trim here and there. Consider plants that bees and butterflies will love, some bird feeders, and an insect house. 

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