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In Dada’s Hands

To whoever thinks that a father can’t perform mother’s tasks, you’re absolutely wrong. Call this post “bragging” but yes, I’m really proud to brag about it!

My husband goes to work from 8am to 12nn. Babysitter leaves the house once my husband is home. From that time, his 2nd shift starts. He feeds her lunch. He bathes her when needed. In short, he does everything while I’m not around – like a typical housewife/mother.

If he’s lucky, he’s able to take rest and sleep on his supposed-to-be break time – that is if Deye goes to sleep for at least an hour. Otherwise, he has to stay awake and get back to work at 7pm until God knows what time.

I sometimes get irritated when there are toys scattered around the floor. Or towels/soiled clothes hanging around the bedroom. But deep inside, I’m so thankful that my husband is not the typical-macho-effect-guy who does not do any single household chore.

There’s one thing that I love about him taking care of our daughter -when he fixes her hair.

He has this style – a one-sided hairstyle. When I come home and see my daughter’s hair tied up, it just makes me smile… It’s not perfectly done but the effort fixes it all!

Marketing Manager at Adventures Beyond Group | WAHM | Ex-OFW | Music Enthusiast | Cactus and Succulent Hobbyist | Hello Kitty Lover | A 42 y/o mom of two lovely girls sharing her adventures as she walks through motherhood and having to do most things on her own while her Indian national husband works miles away from home.


  • Kongkong622

    I love your kid!! She’s so cute!! Lalo na with the lolly!! And the hair….again FABULOUS!! Pakisabi kay D na ang galing niya 🙂

    Thanks Cookie! Luwang tuloy ng ngiti ko, kamuntik na mapunit bibig ko hehe!

    D plays as my fashion consultant – sometimes. He would tell me you’ll look better with the other top. Or your top doesn’t match with your pants. Pero mas mahusay ata syang critic hahaha!

    Makakarating po… hahaba hair nun. :p


  • Christianne

    Now that’s a hands-on dad. May sariling style pa sa pag-ponytail!

    My daughter absolutely loathes having her hair tied up. Tinatanggal niya parati yung tali. Just like her mommy hehe.

    Fashionistang daddy nga hehe!

    Pag may topak sya, inaalis nya din kaya ginagapos ko ang buhok para di nya maalis! :p


  • luisapages

    I dream of having a girl.. I feel envious looking at your little girls pic..she is so beautiful…

    I’ve always wanted a daughter, that’s why I felt so blessed when I first knew that I was having a baby girl.



  • noemi

    My husband is also the same. He knew how to change diapers, feed our baby and WASH cloth diapers. He loves doing motherly role. Aren’t we lucky to have sweet hubbies?

    Yes, we are very lucky….


  • chateau

    During a time when we had no maid and I was still working, husband also had his share of daddy-duties. He took care of our then-only daughter, he cooked the meals, and even washed our clothes. I was so touched when I got home to see our clothes all hung up to dry, and food cooking on the stove.

    Up to this day, he’s the one who goes to the market every Sunday morning… hay. thank God! 😀

    My husband does the grocery shopping din. He’s good in that.

    Lucky natin no? 😉


  • Jing

    hi mitch! you are lucky to have a husband like that 🙂 well actually, i am working on a topic in my site pertaining to this topic and good thing you wrote something very relevant. thumbs up to you and your hubby 🙂

    Very domestic talaga sya kaya swerte ko kasi di ako ganun hehehe!

    Sige, I’ll visit your site in a little while… Thanks for droppin’ by!


  • feng

    ay Mitch, pwedeng sumideline si Hubby mo sa Parlor, ang galing palang mag-style ng hair eh. 🙂

    kidding aside, you’re blessed to have a very domesticated husband.

    Sinabi mo hahaha!

    Kaya nga di ba sabi ko lagi, I finally got my reward…


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