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Inang Yaya

I seen this movie when I went on vacation. My heart goes out to all inang yayas who sacrifice their time of not holding their own children and yet taking care of other’s children.

There’s always a mother’s day, father’s day, friendship week, woman’s day etc…. But I never encountered “nanny’s day”. I think they deserve one day celebration as well. If not for them, I wonder how working moms like me would survive when nobody else is around but them.

These things made me realized how lucky I was to have my daughter with me, after she shared her heartbreaking story to me.

She is from Sri Lanka. A 44 year old fine lady. She speaks English well. She’s been working in the Middle East all her life doing house help but her expertise is “taking care of children”. That’s how her life became miserable. Her husband never did good. While she was hard working in the Middle East, he had enjoyed her money with his other woman and even brought her home. Because of that her eldest daughter, committed suicide at the age of 19. Since that tragic incident, her husband even blamed her for what happened and kept her two sons away from her, until now. From then on, she decided to spend her time somewhere else… Where she feels she belongs.

I guess, we are lucky to have her as my daughter’s nanny. She is a very responsible “right-hand”. I don’t want to call her a “nanny” really. She deserves to be treated as one of the family. One thing I like most about her is she tells us what happened during the “four hours” that she was with my daughter. As in everything including the “scratches” and “numbers of falling” my daughter had got.

She even helps me with the house chores whenever my daughter is asleep. I don’t need to tell her… She does it herself.

That’s why when we just moved in to our new flat, after rejecting one lady, we decided to keep her and pay for her daily transportation. At least, we know that our daughter is in good hands. We can earn that money anyway.

Kudos to inang-yayas like her!

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  • Daisy

    that’s a sad story. it resembles the sorry plight of some of our DH kababayans.
    It’s seldom you can find a trustworthy nanny or househelp these days. Having her is really a blessing!
    btw, thanks for the link. I’ve added you already to my links. 🙂


  • raqgold

    oh, keep her – cherish her — am sure she’s finding comfort in your family. let’s pray that she’ll get reunited with her two sons, soon.


  • GreyMom

    What a sad story, Mitch. But the good thing is that she has you too. You are both lucky to have each other. And your daughter for having someone who cares a lot for her too.


  • ScroochChronicles

    Mabait ang diyos. People like your “yaya” will have their just rewards in time. Swerte ka sa kanya. I’m sure in her heart she sees Deye like her own child 🙂


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Greymom : Yeah, I think so too.

    @ Feng : Korek! Bihira na ang mapagkakatiwalaan ngayon.

    @ Scrooch : Actually, she told me that na para daw daughter nya na si Deye, kaya nya naikuwento sa akin yun.


  • SexyMom

    having been to sri lanka many times over the past 5 years, i really find the women quietly loving, taking care of their families. they are not much of the socializing type, they are very simple, most of them do not even cut their hair. you are lucky to have sri lankan nanny!


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