{Indian} Spices

Indian spices

Every year, when my husband comes, he brings the Indian spices that he thinks he would need during his stay. This year he brought home with him: Chili powder. Dried and pulverized fruit of chili pepper. Chili powder is always available in our house since it’s available in our local market, yet, he still brings it with him just in case.

Chicken Masala. Mostly used for chicken recipes like Tandoori, Vindaloo or Curry.

Turmeric Powder, a yellow powder that is extensively used in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries. It is said to be a part of the ginger family. In some regions like Goa, my husband’s hometown, leaves of turmeric are used to wrap and cook food. Did you know that turmeric also serves as herbal medicine? Read on.

Garam Masala. Is a blend of ground spices common in North Indian and other South Asian cuisines.

There’s another one that is always available in our house, the masala paste that we use for making Fish Reciado. My mother in law brought me a full container last September. It stays good and longer as long as it’s well kept in the freezer. I can actually blend and make one but the ingredients are not all available here in the local market.


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