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Invisible Money Saving Challenge

I suck at money saving practices, and my husband knows that very well. I tend to splurge on things that we don’t need at times, then later on realize the bad effect that it brings to our monthly budget.

Just last month, I started on this Invisible Money Challenge after I saw a post online about the girl who managed to save Php42,000. The drill was she treated all the 50s as invisible and kept them safely.

I just feel that 50s would be a big challenge for me so I started with 10s and 5s only. Every grocery and market trips, I end up having bunch of coins, and keeping them in a coin purse makes my hand bag a lot heavier. So I thought this will be a good start for this money challenge. Just in time, I saw a cute coin bank in LPG shape in one of the coffee shops we visited last month. So there, immediately, the challenge began… 

I am just not sure when this coin bank will be filled completely haha! It’s a lot bigger than the common size of a piggy bank. Here’s another photo with a lipstick just for size reference. Do you think I will be able to fill this up before the holidays at least?

By the way, I managed to convince my youngest to do the same with one peso coins. She has a small bunny coin bank for this. Even the cents that SM Supermarket normally gives for change, she keeps them in an empty water bottle and donates them in Church for every sponsored school mass she attends to.

Wishing myself the best of luck on this one! If this works well then I’d go for the 50s money challenge. Hahaha!

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