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Is Your Toddler In Preschool Yet?

I’ve been thinking a lot… An online friend asked me recently if I’m going to send my 26 month-old daughter to preschool this coming June. Well, I’ve been planning and even told my husband about it. I’ve inquired in Montessori, an English preschool in Subic and it costs a lot, like Php30k+ for the whole school year. We feel that it’s necessary for her to go to an English school, for my husband’s sake, otherwise if she’d continue learning Tagalog, they won’t be able to communicate with each other and I don’t want that to happen. Anyway, she’d pick up my native language for sure…

But then my mind tells me “What’s the rush?” Most of my friends tell me that she’d better start early coz she’s quite advanced and smart. She knows A-Z and 1-10 already, although she forgets letters and numbers in between at times, but she’s better compared to some other kids around the neighborhood. One thing I noticed, her memory is very sharp, if we teach her something, she absorbs it an hour or less later.

I just thought that maybe an option will do… Since summer is nearing, I might just enroll her to some summer activities nearby our place, if there are. I have asked my high school friend already and she’d let me know…

I’m afraid that if I send her to school this early, she might miss her childhood. Though I know, preschooling is just like playing and learning with other kids, but there’s something else that scares me, how is she going to handle it?

What about you mommies, what are your thoughts on this?

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  • Petula Wright

    My two middle children are ages 3 and 4. The daycare they attend offers a curriculum but they still get a lot of play time, tv time and such. I think it’s important for children to begin some type of learning early on because it gets them interested in learning at a very moldable time in their lives.

    It sounds like she’s already interested in learning new things so you can keep her going. I think it’s a good idea to do the summer activities and then maybe get her involved in a somewhat structured program for the fall. Everything will be so much more competitive as this generation of children get older and I think we parents need to prepare them as much and as best as we can.

    Also, try not to worry too much about how she will handle it. Kids adapt so well and she’ll be adding and substracting with the best of ’em before you know it! 🙂

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  • Mitch

    Hi Petula! First and foremost, thanks for the review… from my end the comment is okay. But I’ll take a look at it in a little while. Thanks for letting me know…

    I really appreciate your comments and suggestions re: preschool. I hear you but you know how new mothers are, especially she’s not used to our place yet. She hasn’t been exposed as yet compared to some other kids.

    As you’ve said maybe summer activities might be a good start. If ever she’d go to preschool this June, she’s already adjusted by that time.

    Again, thanks a lot!


  • analyse

    Louna will be starting pre-school on September, pre-school starts at 3 years old here.. but it’s more like a play school to me, and siesta is required every afternoon, so it’s ok. it’s more for her socialization development than anything else. i’m not into putting children too early in school either.. they will have all their lives after to learn things anyway.

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  • arlene

    if am the one asked:

    i wont send my child atthat age to school YET. it is still the age where a child grows with a full freedom of the world not the just the 4 wallsof the classroom (kahit pa sabihin nila they play dun sa loob). it pierced my heart seeing kids cry when being left in school at young age. per experience, umiyak nga ako na 6 years old na ako noon and honestly, until now, i can’t ever forget the experience. i wassssssss so scared. i feel alright when i can see my mom bt when i can’t iyak talaga ako. i know each child is different from the other. adjustment skills vary, too.

    for me, 6 years is the best year to start school. and i agree too with suggestions that the best age for a child to be inthe first grade is 8.

    preschool? why not homeschool? why not do it urself sis — it’s a great idea coz u work at home naman. surely the experience will be a great thing. mas lalo tight bonding ninU ni dyee and all she learns are the things u really want her to learn.

    hala ang haba ng comment ko! hope di ka nalito sa ibig kung sabihin. hahaha

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  • Mitch

    It’s not that I don’t teach her or anything like that, syempre dapat ang learning nag-uumpisa sa bahay but just like what Analyse said, it’s more of socialization. Kaya ako nag-iisip din na ilagay sya sa ganun. Lalo na sa case ni Deye na matagal na ngayon lang na-e-expose sa mga tao.

    We’ll see… I appreciate your suggestion sis…


  • Mitch

    Pareho tayo…. kaya ko lang sya gusto ipasok sana para makasalamuha sa mga ibang bata kaso di pa ako sure hehe! Maybe next year na lang, let her enjoy muna. By then she’d be 3 1/2 na.


  • Barbara Ling (aka Owlbert)

    All of my kids went to preschool starting at age 3. Prior to that, I did lots of fun science/playing/etc stuff at home; after that, I made sure to continue with academic enrichments in areas that were lacking at school.

    End result so far? My 6th grader is an honors student, my 4th grader is an honors student, and the other kids…will be honors students.

    It’s all how you teach them to appreciate and crave learning new things, in my opinion.

    Best wishes,


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