Is Your Vacation Child Friendly?

I have subsribed to since I become a mother and every week I receive helpful tips about motherhood and parenting. Last week’s tips and thoughts were timely. One of the questions was “is your vacation child friendly?” I followed the link and was directed to a page that has 13 questions (something like if you’re leaving the country, have you researched identification/immunization requirements for your child?):

I took the test/quiz and here’s the result that I got:

You should become a travel agent! You’ve done a great job in taking everyone’s needs into consideration to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible for everyone. Planning ahead, being flexible, and keeping expectations realistic are the keys to a happy vacation with kids. Children usually enjoy vacations most when they play a role in planning the trip, and have some say in day-to-day activities. The more everyone can cooperate, the better the trip will be for the whole family.

Well, maybe because this will be the second time that I’m traveling with my daughter. I remember carrying 7 feeding bottles in my hand luggage during our first trip and take note, I filled them all with boiled water so that I don’t have to depend on the flight attendant each time I need to make one. Plus a small tin of her formula, medicine kit, 2 pairs of clothes and some diapers etc. I even prepared her cereals, kept in an airtight container. Of course, I did not forget to keep an extra shirt for me, just in case you know…

And I am doing the same next week. We’ll be leaving for India on Thursday. Yup, this coming Thursday already and I’m so excited for this trip. This will be our very first family trip.

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  1. Also, don’t forget to bring some stuff to keep Deye preoccupied during the flight. Kami, we haven’t done an airplane ride with the kids pero madami ng road trips. We make sure to bring books and toys para maaliw sila at hindi mag-alburoto.

    Nga pala you’re leaving na pala. Happy trip!!

    Kabado nga ako kasi baka hindi umupo ang bubwit. Unlike nung first trip na tulog sya for the whole 9 hours. Eh ngayon malaki na kasi kaya baka mangulit at maghanap ng Barney pag nakita ang TV sa plane hahaha!

    Thanks for reminding me… magdadala nga ako ng books nya at syempre ang magic pillow nya.



  2. we were supposed to go back home last week, but it was postponed indefinitely, thank goodness as im sure travelling with baby can be daunting even just the preparation. 🙂

    thanks for the head up mitch, ill subscribe to too.:)

    Most welcome Era!


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