It Could Change Your Life

I meant, your weight heehee! Oh! I’m talking about acai berry by the way. That’s what I exactly told my cousin last week when we met at the Christening of our nephew. But instead of focusing the “weight isssue” to my cousin, everyone put it on me. Topic? Diet. They told to watch out my diet too coz they have also noticed my bulging tummy. I told them “it was because I was wearing a low waist jeans”, but I guess I didn’t convince them haha! Well, I’m not fat, it’s just that I have a bulging tummy and that I have to admit haha! Yet, they continued talking about “diet diet diet”. As if I care! What can I do if the food served in front of me is good? What can I do if I’m a lazy bum to do some exercise? Acai berry! Acai berry! LOL!

Enough of diet! I’ll cross the fridge oooops the bridge when I get there! Heehee!

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