If it’s about toothpaste, I’d think of Colgate. If it’s about lipstick, I’d think of Mac. If it’s powerbank, I’d surely think of Veger! When I first encountered Veger, I wasn’t totally convinced of the reviews that I’ve seen online, until I experienced it – first hand.

In case you still don’t know, Veger is the fastest growing powerbank brand in the Philippines. They pioneer in compact, high quality, and efficient portable chargers. The sophisticated designs built to suit people’s modern lifestyles are a total hit to Filipinos of all ages. Whether you are attending a classic wedding, or a get together with your friends, you’d be confident taking it out of your bag without getting worried if it’s matching it with your outfit or not.

Veger also supports best-selling portable charger, includes a quick charger, wireless charger, metallic portable charger, and digital display portable charger.  I like the idea of having powerbanks in different styles, colors, and shapes, especially when you have multiple gadget users at home, then there’s no way of switching one’s powerbank with another. I so love the digital display portable powerbank, as it tells me how much I’ve already used up, then I’d know if it’s time to recharge it for me to keep going.

I’m sure Veger has also thought of the quality, that it should never be compromised and always deliver the real capacity indicated on each and every powerbank. I don’t think I need to explain further, you will know the quality when you see it and used it. All I can say is I am satisfied with Veger.

Now that Summer is approaching in the Philippines, we’d better be ready! Summer over here also means frequent power interruptions. Well, that also happens during Rainy Season, so I guess the need of powerbanks is whole year-round. I am also taking into consideration that Summer outings with the family will be more frequent as expected. With a reliable powerbank with me, I can definitely take my job anywhere ‘coz I can stay online, whenever, wherever.

All Veger Powerbanks has Superior Circuit Protection Chip for:
-Overcurrent Protection
-Overvoltage Protection
-Temperature Protection
-Short Circuit Protection
-Input Anti-reverse Protection
-Overcharge and Overdischarge Protection

Veger is a registered power bank brand by Manila Utopia Originality Technology Corporation in the country, and the global leader in powerbank charging technology.

Now that I have done my homework testing these products first hand, the prices are also not so bad, I am thinking of getting a couple more for the girls. They’d be on school break for a couple of months, so that means they’d be using more of their mobile phones, and I don’t think I can share mine with them all the time hahaha! What’s cool about it, is that these powerbanks are also available in Lazada http://bit.ly/2INETPA and Shopee http://bit.ly/2Vs6hta.

I’m glad, I’m glad! We stopped going out a lot since the Corona Virus started spreading, so online shopping is a great alternative. If you’d also like to do your homework before purchasing, you may visit Veger website https://www.veger.ph for more details.

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