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It’s My Turn!

I love taking photos of myself and that’s no doubt! I love doing it more when the backgrounds are great. It’s even more beautiful when you get to compare the new ones from the previous ones like these:







See how thin I was 4 years ago? And did you notice the difference between digicam and normal camera shots?

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  • Sunshine

    hey, there’s a much difference in the looks! u’re more beautiful now and one thing sure that’s different is the camera that capture these moments. hehehe nice pics sis. love it all!

    Hehehe! Payatot kasi ako nun sis! :p


  • Rach (Heart of Rachel)

    You look lovely in all the photos.

    Yes, I can see the difference in the cameras you used. I appreciate the vivid colors of the digicam.

    Thanks Rach!

    I’m so glad digicams were invented, we could save a lot of money unlike before kelangan pa ipadevelop.


  • mk

    anggaleng!! what amazed me is nakatago talaga un old photos u, tas after four years, halos same settin rin. strikin tuloi pahg nahgcompare. kewl!! and may i borrow one of our kuya’s comment when he saw ur latest pics: ala pa rin talaga kupas ang ganda mo lola, mwehehe :p

    Naku sis basta sa taguan ng mga photos magaling ako hehe! Sinadya kong magpose sa same spots where I had taken photos previously, la lang arte lang hehe!

    Hmmmm bola na yan ha!


  • Kongkong622

    First, love the pics. Without question, your digicam shots are way better than your old one. Second, mas maganda ka ng mas may laman. I’m sure D would agree. Meat more than bones, ika nga 🙂

    Thanks po! Ay yung dati di yun digicam saka siguro dahil 4 yrs old na kaya nangupas na ang photos. :p

    Agree din ako dyan syempre, salamat kay Deye, mula ng manganak ako nagkalaman na ako hehe!


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